The policy that gives you cash after a hurricane

Receive cash for what you need, with no deductibles, no evidence of damage, and no adjustment process.

You can choose a policy with a limit of up to $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000.

Piggy bank and phone

How does it work?

You've never seen insurance like this. Super simple and super transparent.


Create your policy in minutes, from wherever you want. Choose the policy limit you prefer according to your needs.

Tree bent due to winds

Using publicly available atmospheric data, we monitor your policy location for hurricane force winds.

Piggy bank

We pay out in 15 days or less based on hurricane winds in your area, using NOAA data.

Get cash for what you need, easy and without questions.

This hurricane microinsurance is a parametric insurance, which pays you according to a measurable event, instead of paying for damages that occur. Payment is automatic according to wind speeds and the insured location.

After a hurricane the priority is you. Respond better to an emergency with this policy.

Woman with cell phone receiving payment notification.

Cash for what you need

Use your payment for whatever you want, whatever it is, without any limitations.
You can use your payment to:

Buy a power plant, gasoline, water or provisions

Make repairs

Cover deductibles

Make loan payments

Travel or move temporarily

Everything else! There are no restrictions!

Secure your well-being (and your pocket) today.

Get the microinsurance that pays for hurricane winds and receive money after the disaster. No questions. No need to claim.

Choose the best policy for you
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